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About Us

Solid Rock Revival Church is an offshoot of Voice of the Solid Rock Ministries founded in 1996 by Pastor Prabhu Isaac in Saudi Arabia with a small group of members. Now, the ministry has expanded with six churches in India, and one in the United States.

Through the ministry, Pastor Isaac has traveled to several countries sharing his testimony and the word of God, and has helped establish village outreach ministries, children ministries, prison ministries, literature ministries, crusades and church planting missions.

Solid Rock Revival Church is an Assembly of God church serving families in the city of Pittsburgh, PA since 2006. Over the years, the church has birthed many ministries such as daily intercessory teleconference, cottage services, fasting prayers, bible studies and all-night prayer services.


Rocking Pittsburgh with CHRIST the Solid Rock


Transforming lives with the TRIUNE GOD to let JESUS live loud in every person


Our History

Down in a small basement apartment in Pittsburgh PA, the first seeds were sown toward a ministry that would later grow into The Solid Rock Revival Church.

It began as a small women’s fellowship with three sisters in 2006.

When Sis. Sucila Prabhu immigrated from India to the USA to work as a registered nurse in Pittsburgh, PA she knew no one. But she desired to build a strong community of friends in Faith that she could surround herself with. She gathered a few women she had just met and formed the women’s fellowship along with Sister Evangeline Shelley. They met weekly to encourage one another in their walk with Christ through the Word and to pray together.

In 2007, her husband, Pastor Prabhu Isaac and her children, Joanna and Benjamin, also immigrated to Pittsburgh, PA. Led by the Spirit of God, the fellowship expanded to include families. This new house fellowship met every other week for 2 years and began to grow in number as many men, women, children, singles and families also joined.

This fast-growing house group soon outgrew the spaces they were meeting in. When they could no longer accommodate people at homes, they transitioned from a bi-weekly to a weekly prayer fellowship, meeting in rented locations on Fridays.

Through the years, God began to work in Pastor Prabhu Isaac’s heart, guiding him to plant a Christ-Centered, Bible based, Spirit-filled Church in Pittsburgh. His vision was of a Church that will have open doors and open arms to welcome all who are lost and seeking a refuge; a place to lead them to the love of Jesus; to strengthen the local community and build a strong international family of followers of Christ.​

The Solid Rock Revival Church of Pittsburgh was birthed in February of 2012 and the first Sunday service was held in a rented Church sanctuary near Dormont, PA. In 10 years, since its inception in 2007, the Church moved from place-to-place renting Church buildings and community halls.

But as the Church travailed and labored in love to serve God’s Kingdom, God opened a door. Solid Rock Revival Church became an affiliate of the Assemblies of God Penndel network. And in December 2017, they purchased a 45-year-old Greek Orthodox Church building in Bridgeville, PA with the help of both Assemblies of God and the congregation. It was a place to call their own - their new Church home.

Solid Rock Revival Church today hosts weekly Sunday worship services at 10am, mid-week Bible studies, Children’s ministry, youth ministry, annual retreats, monthly fasting and all-night prayer meetings, Women’s fellowship, prayer walks, house visits and other events for the glory of God.

The reach of Solid Rock Revival Church has extended beyond borders and across oceans to several other countries. Our weekly livestreams have blessed families in India, Europe, Middle East and across America edifying and encouraging them to be transformed by the move of God and His Word.

In 2023, the Church received the status of Sovereignty becoming an affiliate of the General Assembly of God, USA.

Transforming lives, serving the Kingdom of God by reaching the unreached and bringing the lost sheep back into the folds of the Lord Jesus continues to remain the vision and mission of Solid Rock Revival Church.

Our prayer is that this Church will always shine the light like a city on top of the hills of Pittsburgh until the day of the Lord’s coming. 

We give all power, glory and honor to God our Father and our Lord Jesus Christ.

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