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Pastor Prabhu Isaac

pastorsisterPastor Prabhu Isaac, was born and brought up by God fearing parents in the Indian city of Vellore, located in the southern state of Tamil Nadu. After graduating from Voorhees College in his home town, he obtained a diploma certificate in Radio Diagnosis from CMC, a well-known Christian medical college and started to work at the CMC Hospital located in the same city.

While there, he met Sucila, who was working as nurse in the same hospital. They were united in holy matrimony in September 1983. A year later they moved to Jeddah, a city in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and worked there for 17 years.

While in Jeddah, Lord Jesus met him and he received personal salvation in 1990. According to the laws of the country, any non-Islamic activity would be suppressed with a heavy hand. Although he was apprehensive at first, he responded to the Lord’s calling and committed his life to Him.

In 2001, the ministry of Interior Authority of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia arrested him and imprisoned for his involvement in Christian activities. He was put in a solitary confinement for a month and was deported after undergoing almost 7 months of physical and mental torture. He was terminated from his job and was not permitted to see or contact anyone including his wife. He was put through intensive interrogation and was pushed into prisons that were more like animal sheds, under the most disgusting and unhygienic conditions. There were implications of a death sentence by execution, or imprisonment for 10 years under some false charges; but the power and grace of God miraculously delivered him and he was released on 8th February 2002. He was deported to Chennai, India and there, he began full time ministry and began to serve the Lord.

So as His word says: “When God closes, no one can open, and when God opens no one can close”, God opened the door for his wife to move to USA in February 2006 to work as a Nurse and soon, he joined her along with their children. They currently reside in Pittsburgh, PA. He has also completed Bachelor of Theology in 2000 through correspondence studies from Cornerstone Theological seminary, U.S.A.

Pastor Prabhu’s Family
He has a son, Benjamin and daughter, Joanna, who is married to John Prem. His family serve the Lord together, while based in Pittsburgh, PA, USA.

By the almighty power and grace of God, a spirit filled church has been established there. In addition, the ministry has one main church in Vellore, India, and five branch churches around Vellore. The ministry in India is especially focused on the church planting ministry. God also gave Pastor Isaac the privilege to minister to many in various countries like Germany, England, Switzerland, France, Great Britain, Malaysia, Singapore, Sultana of Oman, Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, UAE, Scotland, Canada and 18 states across USA, by the invitation of churches and conference organizers. If you are interested in using Pastor Isaac in your church or for other ministry purposes, please contact us.